Sea angling in Norway – Regulations for foreign visitors

Some of the coastal fish stocks are under pressure and simple and effective regulations are implemented in order to ensure that future generations also can enjoy fishing for recreation in Norway.

    You are very welcome to fish in Norwegian sea waters, provided that you follow these simple rules:

    • Use hand held tackle only (Species that you can only catch legally with other gear than handheld tackle is prohibited to fish.)
    • Do not fish protected species:

    Protected all year:

      • Spiny dogfish
      • Basking shark
      • Porbeagle
      • Blue ling
      • Lobster
      • Bluefin tuna
      • Silk shark
      • Eel
      • Wrasse
      • Cod (in the Oslofjord)

    Protected part of the year:

      • Greenland halibut
      • Halibut
      • Lumpfish
      • Redfish
      • Cod: Fourteen areas from Lindesnes to the Skagerak coast, in the Oslofjord and to the border of Sweden from 1 January to 30 April

    Please respect wildlife and do not litter. Always wear a life jacket at sea and respect the weather – it can change quickly.

    Updated: 01.03.2018