Marine scientific research

All applications to engage in marine scientific research in waters under Norwegian jurisdiction are to be sent by Missions accredited to Oslo to the Directorate of Fisheries.

Applications are no longer to be forwarded to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Applications are to be addressed to:

The Directorate of Fisheries
PB 185 Sentrum
N-5804 Bergen
Telefax: +47 55 23 80 90

All states have the right to conduct marine scientific research subject to the rights and duties of other states as provided in Article 238 in UN Law of the Sea. Relevant regulations could be found in Regulations relating to foreign marine scientific research in Norway’s internal waters, territorial sea and economic zone and on the Continental shelf.

The Royal Ministry of Foreign Affairs has notified to the embassies that all applications to engage in marine scientific research in Norwegian jurisdiction areas are to be sent by missions accredited to the Directorate of Fisheries. Any queries regarding regulations my be addressed to the Legal Department of the Ministry.

The different spheres of an application will be distributed to internal authorities. Consent to engage in marine scientific research is considered to be granted when the Directorate of Fisheries has notified the applicant. Some applications are not granted due to threatened species, exploring or exploiting the natural resources not in compliance with the coastal state’s sovereign rights and so on.

The Directorate of Fisheries in our consent request to be provided with final consult and conclusions, and in the meantime with a preliminary report. Norwegian authorities shall, if we so request, be provided with all data, assessment of data, samples and research results.

Updated: 30.01.2019