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Export quota

Do you want to export your catch upon leaving Norway? There are restrictions on how much you can take with you and under what circumstances.

Only tourists that fish with a registered fishing camp are allowed to export fish from Norway. The export quota is 18 kg of fish or fish products, and it is applicable twice per calendar year.

It is not permitted to export trophy fish in addition to the export quota. Freshwater species, such as salmon, trout and char are not subject to the quota.

Requirements to documentation for the export of fish

Tourist fishers must document that fishing has taken place under the direction of a registered tourist fishing enterprise when exporting fish. Norwegian Customs will accept a receipt or corresponding proof of the stay issued to a named person in the travel party or by person. This proof must further include:

  • the registered tourist fishing enterprise’s name, address and business registration number
  • the name of the person or persons that have fished under direction of the enterprise
  • the period of the stay 
  • how many persons the stay applies to

Norwegian Customs will also accept a printout of what the individual tourist fisher has reported to have fished to the enterprise. Such a printout must state:

  • the enterprise’s identity
  • the person who has been fishing
  • how much that has been fished

The document may be printed when leaving, and must be stamped and signed by the enterprise.

The individuals named in the document must be present when the fish is exported from the country.

Read more about the export quota for tourists on the Norwegian Customs website