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Norwegian Black List

Established 27 November 1998.

Vessels that have taken part in fishing outside quota arrangements in international waters for a stock which is subject to regulations in waters under Norwegian fisheries jurisdiction or take part in fishing operations that contravene regulatory measures laid down by regional or sub regional fisheries management organisations or arrangements.

Fartøy med skjult navn, Las Palmas. Foto © Fiskeridirektoratet

The following list of vessels has been compiled by Norwegian fisheries authorities on the basis of various sources and observations. The list is object to current evaluation and new vessels may be added to the list. The information of the vessel identifications on the list will be updated if the Directorate of Fisheries has any information about changes. The flags listed indicate the latest confirmed flag state information.

Basis to be put on the list:

  • Taking part in fishing outside quota arrangements in international waters for a stock that is subject to regulation in waters under Norwegian fisheries jurisdiction.
  • Listing on the IUU-lists of international fisheries organisations. The Norwegian Black List also contain vessels observed in IUU-activities in the regulatory areas of these organisations before they established IUU-lists.

Consequences of being listed:

  • Refusal of a licence to fish/ tranship in the Norwegian Economic Zone and the Fishery Zone around Jan Mayen.

The list is not exhaustive. This implies that a vessel that is not included on this list, may have conducted unregulated fishery. Reactions based on the list will depend on whether the vessel concerned actually has conducted unregulated fishery and not on the inclusion on this list. Some vessels that have been on the list from the beginning have insufficient identification. The Directorate of Fisheries appreciates any information relevant to improve the accuracy of the list.


  • There is no opening for de-listing. A denial of licence based on appearance on the list will consequently be perpetual.
Updated: 16.02.2022