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Cruise Information "Heincke" (191212a)





Call. sign.:


Dates of cruise:

From 8 to 29 July 2020

Operating authority:

Alfred-Wegener-InstituteHelmholz Centre for Polar- and Marine Research, Bremerhaven


Federal Ministry of Education and Research, German Government

Name of master:

Haye Diecks

Scientist in charge:

Wilken-Jon von Appen

Map over area:

Geographical area:

Polygon A in Fram Strait outside of 12 nm zone around Svalbard bounded by the following coordinates:
75°30'N 17°00'E
78°15'N 10°45'E
78°47'N 09°30'E
80°30'N 10°00'E
80°30'N 00°10'E
79°00'N 02°30'W\
77°00'N 02°30'W
75°30'N 03°00'E
75°30'N 17°00'E
And measurements during transit from port (Tromsø) and to port (Longyearbyen).

Updated: 17.12.2019