Cruise Information "Ronald H. Brown" (191121)


Ronald H. Brown


United States

Call. sign.:


Dates of cruise:

Approximately 21 March – 16 April 2020/Blanket clearance during March and April 2020

Operating authority:

NOAA, Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research


Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Name of master:

Jeffrey Shoup

Scientist in charge:

Leticia Barbero

Map over area:

Geographical area:

Departure Bridgetown, Barbados, transit run to Cape Town, South Africa. Then south to about 55S, 0E and then north following the Greenwich line, ending approximately at 5N, 3W. Then transit to Praia, Cabo Verde. See attached map.

Updated: 29.11.2019