About the Directorate of Fisheries

The Directorate of Fisheries serves as the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries’ advisory and executive body in matters pertaining to fishing and the management of aquaculture.

The Directorate of Fisheries' head office is in Bergen.

The Directorate's main objective is to promote profitable economic activity through sustainable and user-oriented management of marine resources and the marine environment, through our vision "Marine Life - our common responsability."

The Directorate of Fisheries advises the ministry on how the fisheries and aquaculture industry should be managed, and makes sure that laws and regulations are followed.

Our role is to provide professional input to the policy making process by way of analyses, statistics and advice, as well as legislature and regulative work and regulation planning development. We aim to be an efficient manager by implementing political decisions, processing applications and appeals and conducting monitoring and control. We also aim to be a partner through active cooperation with trade and industry, the research community and other public services, as well as knowledge sharing with various stakeholders and the general public. 

Our areas of operation:

  • Management of marine resources
  • Aquaculture management
  • Coastal zone management


Overview of the Directorate of Fisheries' organisational structure: 

The Directorate of Fisheries organisational chart.