The CatchID Program

The program is an initiative to support development and implementation of new technological solutions to accommodate the challenges with illegal and unreported fishing.

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Snøkrabbeteiner. Foto: © Fiskeridirektoratet

Lost fishery equipment removed from the seabed

The Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries has been conducting annual clean-up expeditions of discarded and abandoned fishery equipment for almost 40 years. This contributes towards reducing ghost fishing and helps to reduce marine littering.

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Notfiske etter brisling. Foto © Scanfishphoto

Real Time Closure - RTC

Norway and the European Union have agreed to establish a system of Real Time Closures (RTC) in the North Sea and Skagerrak. This agreement came into force 1 September 2009 and gives the possibility to close fishing grounds in the North Sea and Skagerrak for the protection of juveniles and small fish.

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Fritidsfisker i båt. Foto © Scanfishphoto

Sea angling in Norway - regulations

Rules and regulations that apply when fishing in Norway.

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Tapte garn. Foto © Fiskeridirektoratet

Marine litter

Marine litter is a global problem. Increasing amounts of plastic and other non-organic materials in the oceans is threatening wildlife, and it might cause concern for the future of the sea as a safe food-source.

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Kystvakten. Foto © Scanfishphoto

Fisheries Monitoring Centre

The Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries' 24/7 office for monitoring Norwegian and foreign fishing vessels' activities.

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