Recreational fisheries: Use our app for reporting lost and found fishing gear

All loss of fishing gear from recreational fisheries can be reported through the Directorate of Fisheries’ app called “Fritidsfiske”. Reporting loss of fishing gear in the app helps increase knowledge and understanding about the amounts of marine litter along the Norwegian coast, as well as causes and geographical distribution of gear loss. This information can increase effectivity of cleaning actions and preventive measures.

New app for recreational fishing

You can no longer report lost and found fishing gear in the old app. Please note that new rules for fishing in Norway are not updated in the old app. You can download the new app by searching for "Fritidsfiske" on App Store or Google Play.

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All recreational fishermen can report lost and found fishing gear in the app

With the app for "Fritidsfiske" you can report it if you lose fishing gear and you can see where others have lost their gear. If you find fishing gear that others have missed, please report this in the app. Everyone who has lost fishing gear in recreational fishing should report lost gear.

Video from CNO: How can recreational fishermen report lost fishing gear in Norway?

Updated: 10.06.2020