The aquaculture and coastal management department

The department has overall responsibility for management of the Fish Farming Act and the Aquaculture Act, as well as executive responsibility for following up political objectives related to aquaculture. The department is also responsible for co-ordinating sectoral authority in this area.

In addition, the department has responsibility for planning work and area-related issues in the area of fisheries and aquaculture, as well as crisis management and contingency procedures in the coastal zone, geographical information systems, the water framework directive, biological diversity and coastal culture.

The department is divided into three sections and one staff unit.

The aquaculture management section

The department is responsible for aquaculture management, including the exercise of special controls in the regions, the consideration of complaints, the proposal of new legislation, regulations and regulatory initiatives.

The section is also responsible for initiatives aimed at simplifying procedures, updating of the aquaculture register and the aquaculture control function. In addition, the section has responsibility for the Directorate of fisheries’ contact and co-ordination of activities with the authorities within the sector (the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, the Norwegian State Pollution Control Authority, the Directorate for Nature Management and the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Administration).

The coastal management section

The Coastal Management Section is responsible for planning and commercial development (municipal planning, coastal zone planning, county planning, the Regional Development Programme, regional partnership etc.), biological diversity, the water framework directive, utilisation and conservation, the marine conservation plan, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), crisis management and contingency plans in the coastal zone, as well as coastal culture/cultural monuments.

The section is also responsible for the department’s contact with the Norwegian Coastal Administration and Innovasion Norway.

The aquaculture studies section

The aquaculture studies section is responsible for aquaculture reports, fish health and welfare, the environment, the national watercourses and related salmon fjords, technical standards, escape data and the consideration of applications for trial and research licences. The section also has systems responsibility for the aquaculture register and internal control.

Staff unit

The staff unit is responsible for the development and operation of systematic and targeted competence work, as well as the department’s quality assurance system and shared internal service functions.

Updated: 19.03.2015