About the Regions

In addition to the head office in Bergen, the Directorate of Fisheries in Bergen is organised in five regions. 

The regions are responsible for the Directorate’s resource management and control activities regionally (at county level) and locally (at municipal level). The functions can be divided into the following categories:

  • Resource management
  • Resource control
  • Sea Surveillance Service
  • Aquaculture management
  • Aquaculture control
  • Coastal zone management

Where to send matters for consideration

Documentation concerning the following matters should be sent to your nearest regional office for consideration:

  • Commercial fishing licences and entries in the register of vessels for vessels with no concession requirement and vessels with a coastal capelin trawl and a limited North Sea trawling concession. 
    Effective from 1 July 2006 this also applies to vessels with: Argentina Silus trawl, pollack trawl, North Sea trawl, industrial trawl, mackerel trawl and Norwegian spring spawning herring trawl.
  • Ownership changes and replacement of vessels within participation-regulated fisheries
  • Dispensation under participation regulations and regulatory provisions
  • Sailing deadlines/latest starting date
  • Chartered vessels
  • School quotas
  • Confiscation pursuant to section 11 of the Salt Water Fishing Act
  • Condemnations – exemptions from the destruction requirement
  • Hunting applications for coastal seal
  • Catch form for coastal seal
  • Reporting of catches of king crab west of 26°E
Updated: 12.01.2017