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Cruise Information «Arctic Sunrise» (090910)

Brief description of purpose of cruise
Summerly oceanographic conditions, temperature, salinity, organic pollutants etc.

Name: Arctic Sunrise
Nationality: Dutch
Call. sign: PE 6851
Registration port and number:  
Dates of cruise: Medio September 20
Operating authority: Strichting Greenpeace Cousil/ Greenpeace div Norway
Owner: Strichting Phoenix, Amsterdam
Name of master: Peter Henry Willcox
Scientist in charge: Peter Wadhams, Jeremy Wilkinson and more
Geographical area: 79°’N - 81°30’N and 01°E - 12°E
Map over area:
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Date of application: 10 September 2009
Date granted:  
Our reference:  

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The results and conclusions of the cruise:

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