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Cruise Information «Nuevo Virgin de la Barca» (080305)

Brief description of purpose of cruise
Assessment of Greenland halibut.

Name: Nuevo Virgin de la Barca
Nationality: Spanish
Call. sign: EDKX
Registration port and number: V1-5 9972
Dates of cruise: From 1 May to 20 May 2008
Operating authority: Azri-Tecnalia, Sukarrieta
Owner: Pesquera Rodriguez S.A
Name of master: Serafin Outeiral
Scientist in charge: Jon Ruiz Gondra
Geographical area: Slope of Svalbard from 73º30’N and 16º20’E to 80ºN and 6º30’E
Map over area:
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Date of application: 25 Mars 2008
Date granted: 18 April 2008

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The results and conclusions of the cruise:

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